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[2pm - 6pm], Omkar Bhawan, In front of Vatsal Hospital Gate no.2, Kargoowanji Road, Medical College, Jhansi

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[6pm - 9pm], Infront of Taj Compound, Near Rasbihar Vatika, Nandpura, Shivpuri Road, Jhansi

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Dr Ashutosh Mishra – The Best Pulmonologist in Jhansi and Sleep Specialist in Jhansi, will cure all your pulmonary and sleeping problems. Just drop an enquiry for the consultations.

Frequently asked questions

Polysomnography, likewise called Sleep Study, is a complete test used to analyze rest problems. Polysomnography records your mind waves, the oxygen level in your blood, pulse and breathing, as well as eye and leg developments during the review.

Bronchoscopy is a methodology that allows specialists to check out at your lungs and air entries. Typically performed by a specialist has practical experience in lung problems (a pulmonologist). During bronchoscopy, a slim cylinder (bronchoscope) is gone through your nose or mouth, down your throat and into your lungs.

Most instances of sleep deprivation are connected with unfortunate dozing propensities, wretchedness, tension, absence of activity, ongoing sickness or certain prescription.
Side effects might incorporate trouble falling or staying unconscious and not feeling good refreshed.

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